GridForce is comprised of a team of experienced and passionate crowdsourcing industry veterans. We’ve built crowdsourcing startups, consulted with numerous companies large and small to deliver crowdsourced results, and have been responsible for ensuring the delivery of millions of crowdsourcing tasks to customers for over 7 Years – since the launch of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – the original micro-task outsourcing platform.

We believe that crowdsourcing is still way too difficult for the average person who has a spreadsheet of data and a need for human input. Our goal is to make crowdsourcing approachable and easy so that anyone or business who wants to leverage the crowd can easily do so without any programming knowledge whatsoever. All you need to know is how to explain what you want done to another human and build a form in a drag-and-drop interface so you can get results and move on with your business and life.

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